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Devotions Of Muslims Towards The Jerusalem

The city which is known as Jerusalem is in Arabic called as Al-Quds or Baitul-Maqdis ("The Noble, Sacred Place"). The city of Jerusalem, perhaps, is the only city in the world which is not only significant for the jews, Muslims and the Christians alike. Many wonders that why is the Jerusalem considered as the holy city in Islam and what is the reason of its importance for the Muslims.

Although, the city has been known as to be the land of many Prophets, but, the Muslims revere all these Prophets, including, Ibrahim, Daud, Moses, Suleman and the Jesus. All of them teaches the Monotheism, which means the oneness of the Allah/ God.

The Jerusalem had been the first Qiblah of the Islam. After many years of the Islamic mission, it was the time when Muhammad, peace be on him, was instructed to change the Qiblah, from Bayt al Muqadas to the Haram. According to the Muhammad, peace be on him, there are only three mosques to which a journey should be embarked: The Haram e Kaabah, the Masjid Al Nabavi, peace be on him and the Al Aqsa, which is the mosque in Jerusalem.

Al Aqsa is also the site of Night Journey and Ascension. It was the mosque of Jerusalem from where the Prophet started his journey of Miraj, otherwise known as Isra and the Ascession. Muslims from all over the globe especially from London have desire to perform umrah by umrah packages 2017 and see this Holy place as well. As according to the traditions, on one night the angel Jibril astoundingly takes with him the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, from the sacred mosque in the Makkah to the utmost mosque (Al Aqsa) in Jerusalem. After which, he was brought to the heavens and signs of the Allah were revealed to him. During this miraculous journey, the Prophet, peace be on him, also met the previous Prophets (A.S) and led them in a prayer. At the end he was again taken back to the Makkah. Entire of this night journey (which Muslim commentators take literally and Muslims believe as a miracle) just lasted a few hours of the night. This whole incident of the Isra and the Miraj is also mentioned in the holy Quran, in the starting verse of 17th chapter, entitled the children of Israel.

"Glory to Allah, Who did take His servant for a journey by night, from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless - in order that We might show him some of Our signs. For He is the One who hears and knows all things." (Qur'an 17:1)

When going for umrah 2017 you must visit this place on return because this ride or the night journey or the Isra additionally reinforced the connection between the Makkah and the Juresalem, which are the holiest cities and also serves as an example of the deep devotion and spiritual connections of all the Muslims with the Jerusalem. It is the hope of every Muslim that the Holy Land will be restored to a land of peace.

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