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Battle Of Badr: A Great Test For The Muslims

Battle Of Badr: A Great Test For The Muslims

Battle Of Badr: A Great Test For The Muslims

When the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him migrated from Makkah to Madinah. Then the enemies of Islam started to make the plan that how they can wipe out the Muslims and they started their filthy plans. When the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him came to know about these plans of the Makkans then He has no more choice to prepare the Muslims for the battle. It was the serious test for the Muslims. so, therefore, the battle of Badr has the unique importance of Islam, as it was the first test of new faith beholders. That’s why it has the key important in the early days of Islam. Thought it was the serious test for the faith of the Muslims but who participated in this test they enjoyed a great distinction in Islam with respect to other Muslims.

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You can observe the courage of the Muslim that Allah has to enlighten in their hearts due to the power of Islam. That Muslim was only 313 in numbers while the wild enemies on the other side were 1000 in numbers. But it was the devotion and the power of faith that made their feet strongly embed with earth. As you now the number of Muslims was very low but their faith was strong. And there were 70 camels, 2 horses, 6 coat of armor and 6 to 8 swords towards the Muslim side while other side had 700 camels, 600 armed soldiers, 300 horses, by having these things they have one strong thing that was missed from their personalities and that was the power of faith. In this battle, the crown of victory was worn by the Muslims.

All the opponents became Muslims except 2, it was the power of the faith that embedded the name of the high-rank Muslims in the pages of history and they will be remembered forever due to their valor and bravery. We should make ourselves in such way to follow the footsteps of those great people so that we can make ourselves just like those who able to gain the blessings of Allah Almighty.

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